Interview Tips

Make it across the finish line!

You’ve managed to secure the interview, but the race isn’t over just yet…

Firstly, congratulations on making it this far in the process! Getting to interview stage is a huge success, but the race isn’t over just yet…
There are several things you should do in order to prepare yourself for the interview – remember this is your opportunity to present yourself to the employer face to face and first impressions last!


Research the company BEFORE you get to the interview. This is always a very impressive tool on commencement of an interview as it shows determination and interest in the company. It will also give you a chance to form some questions for the interviewer e.g. the company’s direction & potential growth, a recent article on the company or the values of the company.
A few good ways to find company information can be from
  • Company websites
  • Newspaper or online articles –;;
  • Annual reports
  • Search engines –;;
  • Ask your Allure Consulting consultant
Make sure you have all the correct information BEFORE you get to the interview
  • Correct address and arrival details (e.g. who to ask for at reception or what level to go to)
  • Correct time of interview so you can find the place and arrive 10-15mins early
  • Correct name and position title of the person or people you are meeting with so you know who to address and ask for on arrival
It’s always impressive to ring and confirm the interview either the day before or a few hours before the interview. Either ringing the company directly or, if you’re going through Allure Consulting, give your consultant a call to confirm.

Practice your answers to the interview questions that may be asked. Try writing down your answers and learning the important points you want to get across, role-play it with a peer or even practice with your own reflection!
Being prepared with your answers will leave you more confident and composed for the interview and leave an even better impression for the employer!

Make sure you are dressed in appropriate business attire for the big day. Remember FIRST IMPRESSIONS LAST! If you are not sure of the dress code, ring and find out, but business attire is usually your safest bet.
Make sure your hair is neat and tidy, your clothes are clean and ironed and avoid any visual distractions – too much jewellery, chipped nail polish, heavy makeup, food in your teeth, loud clothing/accessories or overpowering fragrances.

DO NOT chew gum, wear your glasses on your head or wear a hat/cap into the interview…

On the morning of the interview, go for a walk, breathe deeply, and smile ☺… do things that will help you relax. On arrival, smile at the receptionist, breathe deeply and remember all you’re studying. Encourage yourself to smile – your smile will radiate across your face and the interviewer will get a great first impression!


  • Greet the interviewer professionally and shake their hand
  • Wait until instructed to sit down
  • Smile
  • Remember your practice answers to those interview questions
  • Make eye contact
  • Don’t chew gum
  • Put your sunglasses, mobile phones, wallets etc. away in your pocket or handbag
  • Don’t fidget or sway on your chair
  • Don’t answer your mobile phone – keep it on silent or turn it off
  • Thank the interviewer for their time
  • Remember this will be one of the last images the interviewer has, so make it a good one! Smile and walk out professionally, waiting until you are away from the office before lighting your cigarette or making any phone calls